5 Elements Health & Wellbeing


Achieve an informed and embodied transformation. Em-Bodhi- to awaken from within, was created from the dedication to help others not just feel well, but understand how to be well. Services incorporate multiple modalities, and, go beyond treatment based care to help restore your body's innate healing intelligence.


Earth medicine rooted in Alchemy & Ayurveda. 5 Elements wisdom purposefully leads you to attune to your body's innate healing and unify mind, body, soul, spirit for whole well-being. Modalities include: Herbal formulations, Flower Essence, Jyotish Astrology, Gemology, Aromatherapy, Yoga, Mantra, Breathwork, and Nutrition.



  • Physical imbalances due to Poor diet & Lifestyle routines

  • Purification, physical/emotional/mental detoxification

  • Chronic/Acute ailments-Digestive health, Hormonal, Skin, & Cognition 

  • Inflammation-aches, aging, digestion, and skin. Systematic & Localized.

  • Disconnection to spirit, body. Overwhelm or feeling lost

  • Imbalanced Nervous system-insomnia, anxiety, moods


  • Profound practices to align health & diet

  • Strengthen connection to body rhythms

  • Techniques to rebalance & restore wellbeing

  • Attune to nature & seasonal cycles

  • Empower self-healing knowledge

  • Understand your unique 5 elements constitution

  • Deepen spiritual healing & connection

  • Personalized practices to unify mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual wellbeing